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Privacy Policy 

1. Data collection
WAN Mobile may collect the following data when using our app or when shopping at our website:
Email address, passwords, phone number and address. In addition, WAN Mobile collects device ID’s and notification engagements when using the mobile app. 
2. Data usage
The user data that WAN Mobile collects is used to make sure that we are able to deliver goods when shopping at our website.
When using our app we may collect information about your device in order to deliver notifications. Notification engagements are collected as part of analyzing the effectiveness of push notifications when using the mobile app.
3. Targeting
WAN Mobile reserves the right to withhold delivery of goods to people under the age of 18. 
4. Data protection
All user data collected is encrypted. WAN Mobile protects data in accordance with the general data protection regulation.
5. Data sharing
WAN Mobile uses third party’s to collect and store user data, see section 1 “data collection” for information on what user data is collected. All user data that is collected when browsing our website is stored by Wix. In addition, wix collects data about user engagement. 
Our mobile app uses one signal to send push notifications. One signal collects data about user engagement. One signal keeps track of the amount of users that opened a notification. You can opt out at any time of receiving notifications via our mobile app.
WAN Mobile reserves the right to share any collected data to legal authorities.
6. Data tracking
WAN Mobile may use Google analytics to get information about website statistics.
7. Data access
Users have the option to access and edit user information, see section 1 to learn about what user information that WAN Mobile collects.  It is not currently possible to delete user data. 
8. Policy changes
Notifications about Privacy policy updates will be sent out via email 30 days before they take effect.

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